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July 22, 2012

Naem Ibr

I was thinking about how I'd managed to get an A+ for my Bahasa Inggeris paper during SPM. I remembered the topic that I chose stated something like this, write about the most famous person in your school. Then suddenly it came to me, Naem Ibrahim. I'm madly in love with him that time. I was. God what was I'm thinking. And god, how did I get away with that? I mean, he's not even of my age or even in my school, he's twenty-fucking-four and I made him like a some kind of a King to worship in my essay! I still can't believe it. The examiner must've been mortified reading my essay. Well bushy, thank you, fuck you. Lead a happy life.

P/S: Its been 2 years now, and its been one year after I'm totally over him.

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